Hi,   I am Beckie
When I first started a blog in June 2013, it was mainly out of curiosity. It’s a bit hard for me, compared to the younger generation who can click their phones and key board like “Billy Whizz”. I began with a trial and error and finished the first story with “Borneo by Road”. It’s not perfect, but it’s still a story about going on holiday by car to Brunei and Kudat. I went on to write about the Labuan trip and then My Father’s Story (updated 2019) in July 2013. Since then, I haven’t written or added any updates. 
But never the less, it’s never too old to learn. For me, it’s like the story of the tortoise and a hare…..No matter how slow I went, I still end the race, even though I may come last. 
Beginning this year,  a friend of mine suggested to make my blog like a journal. Knowing that I have so much experience to share….may it be travel, food, gardening or just simply being happy telling grandmother stories, I started blogging again.And with the help of a good ‘teacher’, I was able to improve and update my blog. My passion to share my travelling experiences and meaningful hobbies grew. I hope my blog is able to entertain, give some useful ideas or just for reading pleasure.
Thanks for reading , I would like to hear your comment!

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