Keep our children safe

Many children are found missing nowadays and still do. Even one child is too many.They were seen playing in the playground and the next minute they were missing without a trace. It’s frightening. As much as we want children to put all the hyperactive energy to play, we also worry for their safety. So many children go missing from playgrounds,schools, supermarkets and many more places we can think of. 
When we were children, such things never happened and our parents didn’t worry when we played with our friends in the village. But now it’s not the same any more. So, when I saw this mom with her child, I was impressed and supported what she was doing…using wrist leash or strap , i asked her permission to take a photo, to show others how vitally important it is to keep our children safe, when out in public.

The number of missing children continues to increase. This is one excellant way to ensure the safety of our children. 

A mother shopping at ease while her son is close to her.

About 13 years ago, my daughter took her 3 years old son to Kuala Lumpur for a short holiday.When they were at the big shopping mall, she put something similar, a strap on her son’s body to keep her restless and wandering son, at close hand. She told me, some members of the public gave her a dirty look, as if she was treating her son like a dog i.e. taking a dog for a walk, tie up in a strap. But she didn’t care what criticism she received, her thoughts were only for the safety of her son. Better safe than sorry.

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