Who would have thought of stepping into the Antarctica? One of them did, my son! One fine day, as I was having my dinner, he broke the news that he’s going to  Antarctica to work on a short term basis. I nearly fell out of my chair . It took me a while to gather my thoughts and then congratulate him for being adventurous. I used to be very adventurous myself, but my son out beat me by going to the South Pole! It’s a place not anyone can go as they like. 

                          It’s not about not able to go to Antarctica, but mainly most people never get the opportunity of going there.

                             So in November,2018, he headed for South Pole for the first time! 

He told me he had to fly from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur. Then changed flight to go to Auckland. From Auckland he flew to South America at Santiago.Then on to Punta Arenas. And lastly from Punta Arenas to Antarctica. He’s flying and flying and flying! 

 He’s been on the plane while I went to bed, woke up, had my breakfast, lunch, dinner and breakfast again the next morning! It must be the longest flight he had in his life. It really took him ages to arrive. I tracked him through flightradar24.  So I knew where he was.

 Upon reaching Antarctica, there’s no more contact. Everyone there can only be contacted through emails. There is no such things as watsapp , wechat, SMS or whatsoever…Just email…It’s quite worrying because we were concerned how’s he getting on and bla bla bla. Then came the email saying he’s okay and adapting well. Phew! It’s a relief. I can go on doing my normal routine with peace in mind.

On arrival for the first time

Is this the only “route” directions ? 

This was his camp. Look at the little Sabah flag outside his tent.😁😁😁.Maybe all the tents look alike and he might be lost???😲😲😲

“Little portable homes” for those on expedition and staff

 Sun shinning brightly but it’s freezing cold -25 degree celsius and here in Malaysia, it’s so humid and hot at 34 degree celsius.

 Is this Aurora Australis????? except it’s white????😁😁😁

Camping grounds for expedition people, under the incredible blue sky,surrounded by snow with the beautiful view of the snow capped mountain.

This is how nights are in the Antarctica.

 It’s different compare to other parts of the world where nights means complete darkness.

Look at that! High sunlight clouds drifted across the clear blue sky and snow capped  mountains…..The scenery looks so peaceful and beautiful.

Mount Vinson,4,892 metres / 16,050 feet high, is the highest mountain in the Antarctic. Nicholas Clinch, an American was the first to climb this mountain.

 I did some reading about Mount Vinson from Mr Google. Vinson Massif was officially named after Carl Vinson from America who served in Congress (1935-1961)

Look at the little Sabah Flag sitting cutely next to the sign of Vinson😂😂😂

My son walking in the snow

Anyone interested to go to Antarctica?😀 click here to find out more

   I didn’t know that there is a tourist resort until i see this. Please  click on the link if you had in mind for a holiday at the Antarctica and they have got beautiful pictures taken

Another company which arranged such trips

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