Making a blouse without measurements…is it possible?

Cotton is one of the most popular, inexpensive materials in the world. It is a natural fibre, light, soft, breathable and comfortable to wear, depending where you live. It is also a durable fabric and hydrophilic which means it absorbs moisture easily, but dries very slowly. An ideal material for countries like Malaysia, Borneo, to beat the heat and humidity throughout the year

Sea Island, as well as Egyptian cotton are well known cotton material for shirts because of it’s soft, smooth, strong and lustrous fabrics.

No one actually knows how old cotton is. Some scientist claim with evidence, cotton was first found in India, while others believe it’s Pakistan, from about 6,000 BC. But some scientists still think that, Indus delta was the first to cultivate it.

Want to know more about the history of cotton? Click this link: The story of cotton.

It is true that India has the largest Cotton industry in the world for over 3000 years. 

My daughter’s boss went to Bombay, India and bought her,a cotton material as a gift . 

India has improved their marketing methods, by designing the pattern with pictures to make a blouse easily, just by cutting.

Look carefully what was advertised here ….”Winter cotton”? What I know is that a cotton can kill, if you wear it outdoors during winter. Or was that just a name for the cotton?

The piece of RP 990 (about RM58)

I am no tailor myself, but as long as I can cut and sew without measurements, that’s fine by me and I am comfortable doing it this way. Free Size and easy peasy! 😜😜😜

Shape out the front neckline

Back neckline


Interfacing the front neckline

Interfacing of back neckline

Even though I had a sewing machine (Singer) I still bought another one, while I was in Singapore because of the extra gadget .It put thread through the eye of the needle for me😂😂😂

That’s the beauty of technology advancement.

Hem the neckline using herring-bone stitch

Join  side seams

Sides of shoulder and sleeves joined

Getting ready to start the Gusset

When sewing, leaving a ¼ inch from other ends

Finished my fine art in 4 hours, how about that? Awesome, yeah?😉😉😉

I am no model but I don’t mind posing as mannequin….

Laugh if you like, – – – I did!!!😂😂😂

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