Are Blue Pea Flowers really toxic?

Blue pea flower  are also known as  Butterfly Pea Flowers, asian pigeon wings while in Malaysia we called it Bunga Telang.

According to Dr Mercola’s article, blue pea flowers are supposed to have some beneficial properties in the plants but today 17th April 2019, I received a message sent by my friends claiming a man was taking those for almost 2 years and now developed severe headache. When he saw “Dr Frances” at Nam Wah Ee hospital, Penang, the doctor told him that the green sepal and the stigma of the blue pea flowers are  toxic which can cause harm to the body when consumed. There is no scientific test done yet to confirm that the flowers are toxic but it did put me off taking them now. What a shameūüėĘūüėĘ because…..

I was a coffee and tea lover. But ever since i started getting severe palpitation(sometimes heart beat  going up to 116-118) I decided to stop completely and switched to blue pea flower tea instead. Every morning, I would  plucked the fresh blue pea flowers  from my garden for my morning drinks. Ever since I heard that Blue Pea Flower may be toxic, I changed my mind and make do only with lemon drink in the morning.

Three days later, 20th April,2019, there were news in Kwong Wah Yit Poh & Penang Sin Poe newspaper, that there is no risk of poison in blue pea flowers and has been confirmed after a scientific test was done on cells and animals. The test also shows that, blue pea flowers do have Anti cancer properties.

Kwong Wah Yit Poh newspaper

In 27th Oct 2018,  a friend gave me a small plant of blue pea flower. I planted it  into a pot of soil.The next day it looked like it’s dying but my friend suggested to give time for the plant to adjust to the environment.

On 2nd November 2018 , I saw a few new leaves beginning to appear. I was thrilled.

Since then,  I learnt that patience is one of the keys to success gardening,

As the plant started to climb, I started to create a trellis making use of brick block which only cost 1.70 Ringgit each and with the left overs pipe, i stuck them into the holes of both sides as shown in the picture. Then seal them with some cement. It’s cheap and I found it easy to remove when not needed.

Now the Blue pea flower’s  blooming so beautifully and the unique purplish blue color of the flowers attract the little birds and butterflies making the garden looks gorgeous.

Blue pea plants are good climbers.

I had planted the white and blue pea flower together and they looked very pretty on my trellis in my garden

This was the Blue Pea Agar Agar with Santan which I had made before I heard about the “news”.


1  packet of Agar Agar strip ( 25-30 gm)

a cup of santan (coconut milk)+a dash of salt

1 cup sugar

4 pandan leaves

1 handful of fresh blue pea flower

500 mls water to boil


1. Boiled the blue pea flower to get the blue dye. Set aside and let it cool.

2. Wash the agar agar strip and bring to boil with 500 mls of water in a saucepan with the pandan leaves and sugar.Once boiled reduced fire and stir slowly.

Boil until the agar agar strip has melted. 

3. Pour in the blue pea flower fluid and stir.

once it started to bubble, pour half of the contents into the mould or bowl. leave to cool.

4. the other half to add coconut milk and continue to simmer slowly in slow fire .

5. When the transparent agar agar has set slightly on top, pour the coconut agar agar on top slowly. Let it cool and then chill for an hour before serving.

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